MeFour Stars Two Stars Abroad is a collection of the

photographs, stories, notes, and thoughts of

M. James Thompson.

That being said, I am going to manipulate my words in a way that allows me to ride the fence between projecting an image of professionalism with enough satire that will not upset anyone when I have too much to drink before I publish a post.

Traveling has become a passion with a catalyst hidden somewhere in my past. Eventually, with enough therapy, I may understand why it is that I draw such great pleasure from being as far away from the comforts of home and familiarity of Chicago.

My objective is to blend fine art photography with a sense of adventure and journalism. Reaching new cultures and crashing on their couches has become a passion of mine. Through that passion I have been able to share my experiences and views with people everywhere I visit.

I hope to bring these images to the walls of adventurers longing for a place in their past or to the dreamers who are eager to see the landscapes and faces of a country they have yet to visit. Without an audience the stories of Kathmandu, China, Chicago and everywhere else that I have collected would be little more than a few good memories. Photography started as a hobby and has evolved into an ongoing dialogue between myself and anyone willing to listen.

Through my work I hope not only to invite photography lovers to experience the sites of my travels, but that through my images they might enjoy those journeys with me. I have a story for each of my photographs, and all of these places mean so much to so many people.

Long-term goals of a studio in Chicago are in the works upon my return from Asia. Establishing a successful studio is the cornerstone of continuing to build a portfolio and client base. The long-shot pipe-dream that started in high school took more time in development that I had hoped it would take, but I am finally ready to follow what I have been after while I worked across from a bars and cubicles.


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