Thursday’s Special: Across the Thames

M. James Thompson

One Fine Adventure: London, England, UK

I had completely forgotten about Paula’s great Thursday non-challenge until I was sorting through my unsightly Uncategorized category and trying to slim down my site. I’m looking forward to sharing with her and her community of followers.

A big thanks to Paula at Lost in Translation for her Thursday’s Non-Challenge

I am openly appealing to anyone who might be interested in printing and displaying my images.

To see the rest of the gallery and more images from around the world please visit M. James Thompson Photography


3 responses to “Thursday’s Special: Across the Thames

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  2. Taken from another cabin I guess? It’s been only 4 months since I took the same ride and it already seems a lifetime ago. I love the composition in this photo. It does not look like any other pic of the London Eye I saw before and after my trip. I really appreciate this wonderful contribution. A privilege to have you on board, James 🙂

    • Thanks Paula! Getting back to London is always a special occasion for me also and I really appreciate your kind words about the photo. Finding perspectives in iconic places is always tough and this one really worked out well. I’m looking forward to seeing more of work from you and other contributors.

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