Weekly Photo Challenge | Humanity

M. James Thompson

One Fine Adventure: El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

I found paradise in a slowly growing fishing town along the northwest coast of Palawan in the Philippines. Palawan is one of the least traveled, but most  adventurous, vacation and trekking destinations in the Philippines. Despite the lack of tourist compared to some of the more popular Filipino destinations El Nido abounds in islands, waterfalls, beaches, restaurants and culture. Local residents and migratory workers share the same hospitable attitude that pervades the nation and once again I felt like I was at home with old friends.

This image was captured during a trip to Corang Corang Beach near El Nido. Corang Corang is a great place for watching the sunset. I tagged along with a group of locals for a visit to the beach and spent some time skimboarding. The word, “Humanity,” is often envoked as a non-offensive refernce to a first world perspective of less economically fortunate regions of the world. I chose the photograph to highlight the joy of the subjects in their local environment. They live, work and play in paradise every single day, and what they lack in iPhones, laptops and 24 hour electricity they more than make up for in family, joy and hospitality. Clearly I cannot fully understand their day-to-day lives, but after being let into their perspective for a few days I came away believing that these are some of the happiest people in the world.

Thank you to The Daily Press for the continued inspirational challenges.

I am openly appealing to anyone who might be interested in printing and displaying my images.

To see the rest of the gallery and more images from around the world please visit M. James Thompson Photography

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