Puerto Princesa to El Nido | Who the Fuck Needs Highways 2


I can tell you in full confidence that I have never traveled in a people carrying at speeds above, maybe, 65 mph. Today was not supposed to be the day that I shattered that personal land speed record, but I have no control of these decisions.

We are absolutely ripping through the roadways and the portion of my brain that has nothing to do with self preservation could not be more excited. Palm trees are green and brown blurs at 90mph and somehow my very zoned-in driver is managing this like a World Rally stage.

I want to cheer him on as he leans into the wheel around big turns. It is at these moments that I forget about oncoming traffic, and I assume he does also, as we utilize all of the road for better cornering.

After a quick stop at a mango quarantine checkpoint we are back on the road toward Roxas for a brief lunch stop. I’m going to buy him a beer when we stop for lunch and try to talk him into letting me have a go at the second stage if the race.


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