Back Through the Lens | Changsha

M. James Thompson

One Fine Adventure: Changsha, Hunan, China

Growing as a person and an artist I am realizing that at no point have I achieved the peak of my personality and my skill. As a result, I take time out so that I can reflect on the path that I have taken to my current position. My methods tend to be sporadic and note taking has never been a strong point so following my footsteps back can be difficult. I often look back at an image, note or passage and wonder, “What the hell was I thinking?” Memory lane has peaks and valleys and I tend to focus on the valleys in an effort to avoid returning. This is true in art just as much as in life.

I can only speak for myself, but I feel like most people who express themselves in any way will, at some point, spend time practicing a form or style that was fruitless. By studying those unfortunate experiences I hope to keep my attention toward positive learning and practicing skills that will help to keep me happy while I continue photographing the world. I do not think that any time doing what I love is a waste, but marching ever forward in pursuit of the most productive and creative practice methods has helped me to streamline my processes.

I am openly appealing to anyone who might be interested in printing and displaying my images.

To see the rest of the gallery and more images from around the world please visit M. James Thompson Photography


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