I Love Hong Kong

M. James Thompson

One Fine Adventure: Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region, China

Part 1

Before the wheels touched down on my Dragon Airlines flight from Shanghai to Hong Kong International Airport I could already feel a drastic change from mainland China. The rocky coastline of the Hong Kong region gives way to small islands throughout the bay area. Hundreds of container ships navigate the straights on their way to one of the busiest deep water ports in the world. From where I was sitting the area surrounding Hong Kong looked nothing like the port area around Shanghai. Looking through the clouds a beautiful city opened up and the buildings looked to be climbing on top of each other skyward.

My good fortune once again landed me with a top notch CouchSurfing host in the Mui Wo on the island of Lantau. The aging but picturesque town of Mui Wo climbs down from the nearby hills and meets the ocean at Silver Mine Bay.  Expats ride bicycles past aging resorts, restaurants, shops and homes line the narrow streets of the town. There are just as many crumbling sidewalks as there are recently paved walking streets. Most of the coastal properties are a mix of old and new, but, as with the buildings on the mainland, local residents do their best to utilize the structures. Foreign food bistros dot the town center while a McDonald’s stands watch over the ferry port.

From the quiet natural background of  Mui Wo the ferries help local commuters reach Central and other islands quickly and easily. Both fast and slow ferries leave on a regular schedule and lucky for me there is a vendor who sells great beer when I show up early, or miss my ferry by three minutes. From the windows of  ferry the natural beauty of the the West Lamma Channel comes into view. Islands pierce through the choppy water. Each island is topped by a building or antenna and many are surrounded by yachts and fishing ships.  The ship from Mui Wo arrived at a neatly kept port in Central with an incredible skyline as a backdrop.

I am openly appealing to anyone who might be interested in printing and displaying my images. My goal is to reach like minded people throughout the world who are interested in seeing the corners of this beautiful planet where my feet have carried me. Please contact me before printing any of my work so that I can provide a signed high resolution image for printing. All I ask is for a picture of my work hanging in your home, office, tent, hostel room, or wherever it might bring you the most joy.

To see the rest of the gallery and more images from around the world please visit M. James Thompson Photography

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