Yuantouzhu Island, Wuxi, China

Yuantouzhu Island is actually a peninsula on the northeast edge of Lake Tihou, the third largest fresh water lake in China.  This slice of nature offers an opportunity to quickly slip away from the constant motion of Wuxi and into a tranquil preserve just minutes from downtown. A lotus pond. hilltop temple, walking paths, and friendly locals are inviting and unlike many other tourist areas the tour guides are not pushy. Yuantouzhu lacks much of the pageantry of standard Chinese tourist areas and looks more like a respected piece of nature than a doctored hype.

This is a collection of photos from a short trip to the location. The sun was setting so I was not able to get around to as much of the island as I had hoped, but I will be back soon. The full collection, along with galleries of other cities please visit M. James Thompson Photography


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