Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

Monkey Light Test

This little guy belongs to Cara and I have used him as a subject for lighting tests when I work in the studio. I tend to be a bit chaotic in the studio and have had a hard time forming good habits with lighting and post processing. He has really helped me to stop, setup the lighting correctly, and form a repeatable workflow.  I have tried to make a habit of using him since his colors are so easy to match and he can hang out on that tripod forever. Fixing primary colors in post processing is easy, but getting hues of brown nailed down can be really tough. He also makes for a great subject on the couch, bed, or wherever else he lands. Thanks Monkey.

He is here in China with us and he has been making more appearances around the apartment lately. His friend will be coming with me as I travel around the country.

If you enjoy the photos on this blog please take a moment to visit my website for photographs from around the world and updates about my upcoming series in China. www.MJamesThompson.com


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