Trekking Through Jaipur, India

This is a small collection of images from my time traveling through Jaipur, India. I was blessed with an incredible driver and talented guides. Without a driver I would have been completely lost in Jaipur. As a traveler I pride myself on my sense of direction, ability to read a map, and charades in any language, but Jaipur was determined to hurt my ego.  Jaipur sprawls from the pink walled Old Jaipur until the very edge of the surrounding forests. Alleys run in all directions with food vendors, burning trash, standing water and friendly smiles.

Although I trusted my guides and driver I refused to take their good advice and walked onto the broken sidewalk and into a world so foreign to me that for the first time in my life I stood silently with nothing more than questions. My first disoriented steps over broken cement slabs, rusted wire and onto a dusty walkway transformed what I knew about comfort, safety and love. Below is a sampling of my experiences and can be considered the foreword to my time in India.


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