Leaving Home

This is a delayed post from my frist day of travel, about a week ago.

American Airlines Flight 92
23:08 CST 5:08 LT
Somewhere around Iceland

Somewhere along the way to my trip I forgot that the basics are the essentials and everything else is half the reason I left. Packing evolved into a beast beyond what I had imagined I should need to tackle. There may have been have been more anxiety pressed into a smaller bag for less time than my first trip to Europe. That soiree into adventure was nearly three times as long, five times as expensive and half as meaningful. Unfortunately I have turned a normally simple task into a beast with my dreams of minimalism and the reality of the technical necessities of travel photography.

Aside my inability to find an equilibrium in a bag, I have had a successful launch into my trip. I made it from the front door to the airport bar in an hour. Impressive? I would say so. I settled into a bar stool next to two other men, one from Germany and the other from New York. This airport bar experience fell in line with my previous experiences. The conversation went something like this; we talked football, baseball, why are you a Cubs fan, shot, safe travels, and on our separate ways we went. This is why I love bars in airports. Simple humanity rooted in common appreciations for whatever is on the TV and an unspoken rule of non-offensive topics. Soon enough I am bound to meet a lifelong friend during an exceptionally long layover over an absurd amount beer.

My life feels simple when I am in an airport and I feel even more at ease when I find my way into my seat. I was fortunate enough to be in my seat a short time before Jenny sat down. She turned out to be a stage manager for some large musicals across the US and Europe. We started talking almost immediately and spent the first three hours sharing stories about travel, work and our roots in similar cities. I could not ask for a more pleasant travel companion on an often boring flight. Three bottles of Glen Levitt 12 year later and I am somehow barely near an alcohol induced happiness and nowhere near sleep.

Although the first leg of my trip will be a leisurely road trip across Ireland I will leave Ireland for a long layover in Finland, a week in India and then onward to Nepal. Traveling into surroundings that I do not know and along a path that I am creating day by day is the catalyst of my wanderlust. The possibility of creating something positive out of my passions has changed the landscape of possibilities for my future. The opportunity to use my camera to bring real change and awareness back to the city that I love has become the reason that I wake up and go to work every day. This trip is an opportunity to create a real step into the world that I have known exists, but I never knew how to find my way into the rabbit whole.

Reaching out to Charity4LIFE has opened doors that I did not even know existed. Jeanette has been an inspiration into social activism and a fundamental and necessary part of my own awareness. The opportunity to work with her and the rest of the team has quickly become a blessing. I am going to start my journey by saying thank you to Charity4LIFE and everyone else who has supported me. I cannot wait to get to Nepal and start sharing my stories with everyone.


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